The Jazz Fly 3 – The Caribbean Sea + CD


The be-boppin’ fly and his band are back! Ever hear musical insects play jazz on a cruise ship? Then check out this latest adventure in the critically-acclaimed Jazz Fly series and winner of two First Place Dragonfly book awards! It pairs the Jazz Bugs with marine mammals; reggae with cha-cha-chá in a beautifully illustrated, 40-page showcase. Includes CD and audio download. And how about acquainting your children with some phrases in Spanish and French? It’s “fabuloso” and “magnifique” and easier than you may think. Trust Matthew Gollub to broaden their horizons while keeping kids boppin’ on the edge of their seats. (Don’t worry, the fun words in French and Spanish are color coded!) Music fans ages 6 and up LOVE this author’s narrations set to jazz and are known to ask to hear them again and again. Here’s what sets this ocean adventure in motion: Captain Cockroach leaves the helm to write poetry, and the luxury liner veers off course. Parents appreciate that the Jazz Bugs show kindness and pool their ingenuity when faced with challenges. And for those interested in learning about the Caribbean region, the book includes an author’s note and an attractive glossary of foreign words used. Ideal for ages 6-9, and for music teachers, reading teachers and families that enjoy both music and books!

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