Musicianship and Aural Training – Level One Teacher Resource Pack 2nd Edition


These books (student and teacher editions) have been written to provide a broad, thorough and sequential music curriculum for Year 7 and 8 students (or any older beginner).
The Level One Teacher Resource Pack includes the Teacher book plus access to the huge Level 1 Teacher digital resources which includes assignments, tests, teaching videos and much more.

The Teacher edition:
  • Includes all pages from the student book (with easy to use same page numbering system) with answers
  • Contains a huge information section at the start giving heaps of suggestions, advice, lesson plan outlines etc to help you set up your full curriculum easily.
  • Each of the 44 lessons in the student book has two pages of “Teacher Activities” to support it. These pages include suggested canons, games, rhythmic and melodic activities, listening activities, activities for use with instruments and IWB/Sibelius activities to help you bring technology into the classroom in a meaningful way.

The Teacher Book also contains the answers to all the questions in the student book.

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