Little Barry Bilby’s Big Bush Band! + CD


“Little Barry Bilby
Found poor Patty Platypus
Crying in the shade Of the coolabah tree
‘We need more money
Or my little bush school’s closing down,
Who’ll save the school for my friends and me?’

Little Barry Bilby needs to get his Aussie animal band mates back together, so they can save Patty Platypus’s school from closing down. If Little Barry Bilby’s Big Bush Band can win the Tanga Langa Talent Quest, they can use the Golden Gumnut prize to save the school!

Sung to the tune of Waltzing Matilda, children of all ages will love this book full of Aussie animals bought to life by gorgeous watercolour illustrations.

Includes a CD by Colin Buchanan with singalong and instrumental tracks.

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