AKC Course Textbooks

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A collection of the required and recommended texts for the Summer School Music Program.

Please check the Textbook List for your course.

For the EDUCATION COURSES – please ensure you have all of the books on the list for your first class, as you will use these books both in classwork and for your set assessments.

For ALL OTHER COURSES – although you may not have any required texts for your course, everyone (children included) is expected to have a musicianship textbook and a tuning fork. These can be pre-ordered through this website or purchased from the Summer School on-site bookstore on the first day of the course.


To collect your textbook order at Registration (and waive the postage fee), please check out using the ‘Store Pickup’ postage option and leave a note that you would like to collect at the Registration Day.


Please email office@cuskellymusic.com if you have any questions about the required and recommended textbooks.